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Freedom is the essential foundation for a world of justice, opportunity, and value. We envision a world where freedom, the most fundamental of all human rights, is a global institution. Our mission is to further the cause of freedom with on-the-ground, practical action to peaceably fight injustice and create freedom for all.


Founded in 1984 by the architect of The Reagan Doctrine, Dr. Jack Wheeler, the Freedom Research Foundation fought to liberate the nations caught under the iron arm of the Soviet Empire. We are dedicated to continue this legacy of liberty into the 21st century.

Hear the stories in our archives of how Dr. Wheeler and his colleagues brought freedom to millions of people around the world.

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For many years, the strategy of the West has been to attack the symptoms of the problem. But in fact, the basis upon which Islamofascists have oppressed and murdered thousands is not Islam, but fascism. The religion is merely their excuse – the false flag they have used to rally around their cause.Now we switch tack, going to the core of the disease and healing it from the inside: liberating key people, we extract them from the tyrants’ grasp. Taking people out of fascist-held areas and into safe zones, we then help them spread the word and effect radical change.

This accomplishes three essential goals: first, we create one more free person. Second, we force the fascists to take their energy away from fighting externally and into maintaining order internally. Finally, and most importantly, we delegitimize their institution: losing people shows they are failing. By knocking down the pillar of all they stand for, by destroying fascism, we will liberate these people.


The world only recognizes institutionalized governments. Yet the leaders with an actual pedigree, whom the people follow and respect, are rarely selected to be the official leaders. Then we wonder why we have a region in turmoil, peoples completely underrepresented, messages without a voice.

Our solution is simple. With our network of trusted personal relationships developed over decades of on-the-ground experience, we can find and vet the true leaders in the region. We know what ideals they are committed to, where their influence reaches, and who they trust.

Once vetted, we can connect these leaders with ambassadors and heads of state from all around the world. Acting as their liaison, we coach them on how to get their message out there, to make a real difference in the region. We give the people a voice.


Many people are unaware that the violence in Syria and neighboring countries is not only among Muslim communities, but also against local Christians and Yazidis. The goal of the Islamofascists is to completely eradicate the Christians and Yazidis from the region. This must be stopped.

Having advised the drafters of H. R. 4017, the Save Christians from Genocide Act, we are now pushing the declaration in the UN of Christian and Yazidi genocide in the Middle East.

We are achieving this with the support of Dr. Greg Stanton, a leader in the field of genocide studies; Genocide Watch, an NGO dedicated to stopping genocide; and numerous organizations in New York, Washington, and Brussels.

This church is in Tall Tamer, the largest Christian town in Kurdish-held Syria, where a hospital and market were recently bombed (shown above). The Christians and Yazidis of this area are in dire need of our help. We need your support to stop this holocaust once and for all.

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When you donate to the Freedom Research Foundation, you contribute to the following:

On-the-ground projects,
such as liberating imprisoned people from oppression and giving a voice to disenfranchised people around the world.

Research and analysis
of the situation in key areas, to determine how to best move forward in spreading freedom.

Publication of The Freedom Fighter,
our monthly newsletter on the state of freedom in the world today and the progress of our current projects.

With your help, we can liberate entire nations

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