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The Freedom Research Foundation was founded in 1984 by Dr. Jack Wheeler, the architect of the Reagan Doctrine, to further the cause of freedom around the world. Our projects, built upon decades of personal, on-the-ground experience in every country in the world, use peaceful, practical action to fight injustice and create freedom for all.

Our Current Projects

Connecting Key Leaders Around the Globe

Our current flagship project is centered around liberating people from ideological imprisonment. Not only do we free and move people into safe zones, we also send a powerful message to the world: freedom shall prevail.

Defeating Tyranny Through Strategic Liberation

Those who are trusted by oppressed people are rarely selected to be official government representatives – leaving the people marginalized, with no representation. Our second project connects the people’s tribal, familial, and cultural leaders with ambassadors and heads of state around the world, giving the people the power to voice their concerns and get their message to where it truly counts.

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You Are a Force for Freedom

When you donate to the Freedom Research Foundation, you contribute to the following:

On-the-ground projects,
such as liberating imprisoned people from oppression and giving a voice to disenfranchised people around the world.

Research and analysis
of the situation in key areas, to determine how to best move forward in spreading freedom.

Publication of The Freedom Fighter,
our monthly newsletter on the state of freedom in the world today and the progress of our current projects.

With your help, we can liberate entire nations

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Our Legacy

When Dr. Jack Wheeler founded the Freedom Research Foundation in 1984 with the intention of destroying the Soviet Union, no one believed it possible. However, with the help of donors like you, he crafted The Reagan Doctrine, the fundamental strategy that would lead to the downfall of the evil empire only seven years later.

Explore the story of how these true American heroes brought freedom to the nations under the Soviet yoke – and gain inspiration for how we can spread freedom today.

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The Freedom Fighter

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