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Freedom Research Foundation Candidate Questionnaire

The Mission of the Freedom Research Foundation (FRF) is to send Americans to confront our enemies by empowering those who share our values. We believe in the foundational principles that made America the greatest political achievement in human civilization. We work globally with those who share these ideals. Since 1984 we have been on the ground where we see our enemies trying to establish power through political, military, economic or civil means.

We are not the US government. We do have executive-level access within the US government, and in many of the countries in which we work. Our mission and values often align with SOF/IC missions. We can fill gaps in access, training, education, and influence where SOF/IC units find themselves restricted by authorities or other limitations. We do this through our role as a 501(c)3 education foundation, educating Americans with ground research and introductions to experts on the ground in appropriate countries.

We are not a humanitarian aid organization. We can help aid organizations be more efficient, more transparent, and more inclusive when doing so empowers those who share our values. We do NOT replicate Civil Affairs, Special Forces or Intelligence operations. We do value these communities experience, and appreciate how their expertise can empower local, regional, and national leaders who share our values.

Our work augments that of the US national security establishment. We capitalize on the training, education, and experience of US SOF/IC. We put former operators in the field to empower those who want to realize democratic ideals. We deploy those with the SOF ethos, intellect, and dedication in support of our mission worldwide.